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Go Pro, Young Man

I don’t mean to beat a dead Hoya horse, but I have to reiterate my previous thought on the relatively woeful level of basketball competence on the Division I collegiate level versus the NBA – and I’m a Knick fan.  I was bored out of my mind watching the collegians on Thursday and Friday except for the few minutes at the end of close games.  At least in most years there are super talented guys you can watch dominate the amateurs and project their success on the pro level.

I remember the first time I watched Kevin Durant.  What a revelation!  Arms so long he could play basketball and trumpet for the school band at the same time.  I was practically giddy the last two years watching Stephen Curry, becoming finally convinced of his pro potential last year when Duke guarded him with everyone but Jim Spanarkel and he still dropped thirty on them, without ever forcing a shot or in any way compromising his team’s offense.  The one thing I knew was that Mike D’Antoni was watching him and seeing Steve Nash and that even though he was project as a low first round pick, the Knicks would use a lottery pick on him.  And then he kept scoring.  And then he became an excellent college point guard.  And then he worked out for teams and didn’t even miss shots when Stacey Dash suddenly entered the room in a tight skirt.  Then I knew he had played himself into the lottery and the Knicks wouldn’t get him.  What a depressing day draft day was when we missed him by one pick.

Aww, crud.  See, even when I try to write a post about the crown jewel of the college basketball season, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, I’m too bored by it to maintain a train of thought.  Where I was going with this was that in most years there are elite college players worth watching who I expect to be outstanding pros and therefore merit my attention during the course of the tournament.

Last year, for example, Blake Griffin dominated games like a 21st century Karl Malone, except with the ability to perform in the clutch.  And I believe my precise reaction when I saw Tyreke Evans for the first time was, “Holy Micheal Ray!”

Who’ve we got this year?  Sure, the commentators are trying to talk us into the Evan Turners and John Walls, but we all know they aren’t really that good.  John Wall looks like a poor man’s Baron Davis to me and Evan Turner is a really nice college player, but do I see superstardom for him.  No.  Although, admittedly, I would’ve said the same of Dwyane Wade 7 years ago, and he didn’t earn any points with the spelling of his first name.

I suppose I’m just cranky, which seems ridiculous on the nicest weather day of the year.  I blame the new blog I’ve been reading, The Half-Empty Glass.  Those guys make Larry David seem like Rachael Ray.  Not to mention they’ve got me singing “Cool It Now ” all the time these days.  As if I’m not traumatized enough by seeing Bobby Brown on the weight loss show on VH1, the name of which I refuse to learn.

Oh well, back to the mediocrity of the NCAA tournament.  At least a couple of them can dunk.


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