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Did You Notice?: NBA All-Star Edition

Did you notice…

…that when TNT panned through the crowd to introduce celebrities, all of them were black except for Arnold Schwarzenegger?

…that the game was most fun when the following A-list stars were on the court: LeBron, D-Wade, Nash, Nowitzki, and Howard?  It was like that was the real all-star game and the rest of the players were mere supporting players, with Kevin Durant most likely to make the smooth transition to leading man.

…that Kobe Bryant’s sweater made him look like he retired 20 years ago?  I didn’t see his footwear, but if he had slippers on, and if you gave him a pipe, he would definitely have qualified for the senior citizen’s discount at Denny’s.

…that Adrian Dantley lingered on the periphery of the West’s huddle when they were discussing how to defend the East’s last possession?  I’m assuming AD new there was nothing he could add to that discussion, even as an assistant coach.

…that LeBron, even among that group of elite stars, is the most frightening athlete in sports today?  I don’t even know what to add to that.

…that basketball still just feels better when Marv Albert is announcing it?

…that Chris Bosh is going to get overpaid this summer?  Ok, you probably couldn’t notice that since it hasn’t happened yet, but he’s really not quite as good as the market is suggesting, right.  You have to admit.


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