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Saints Over Sinners

Saints Over Sinners

It’s difficult to argue that the Colts haven’t been the best team in football this year.  They haven’t lost a game when their starters have been on the field all game and they were very impressive two weeks ago in coming back against the Jets.  The Saints, on the other hand, have sputtered a bit in the last few weeks.  They were severely outplayed by the Vikings for much of the NFC Championship game, there are rumors that Drew Brees is playing hurt, and even at their best, their defense doesn’t scare people.  So why am I picking the Saints?

I started the week taking the Colts, 31-24, like everyone else with a column, blog or radio or tv show.  It felt right.  The Colts have played better; they’ve got the best player; they’re more experienced.  The Colts are destined to win this game.  And sure, logic dictates that’s the way the game should turn out.  But you don’t pay me to be logical.  That’s why I’m going with an alternate theory of Super Bowl 44 (Rome’s empire is gone, so why should I remember how to use Roman numerals?).




The Colts were undefeated and negotiating for homes on Mercury Morris’s block by mid-December.  Then at 14-0, they rolled over for the Jets, propelling that tortured franchise into a bittersweet playoff run.  In fact, many predicted that the Jets would upset the Colts as a measure of karmic payback for the fact that it was because the Colts gave less than their best effort that the Jets made the playoffs in the first place.  However, as my buddy Tony said last week, “Karma don’t come like you expect.”  Implicit in that quote is the fact that it does come eventually.  I say it comes this weekend against the Saints.

Let’s not forget that the Colts haven’t exactly been the ’85 Bears through their playoff run.  Against a toothless Baltimore team whose QB showed the mobility of Regis Philbin, living legend, Peyton Manning threw not one, but two interceptions to Ed Reed that ended up not hurting his team.  On the first, Reed fumbled the ball back to the Colts and the second was nullified by a penalty.  Granted, credit goes to the Colts for making their own breaks.  And in the end, they did hold the Ravens to 3 points.  In their last game, the Colts fell behind 17-6 to the Jets before rallying.  However, remember that deep in their own territory and clinging to that 20-17 lead, Reggie Wayne fumbled while being tackled after a reception.  Wayne made a great effort to get the ball back, but was tremendously lucky to have recovered that fumble.  If the Jets get the ball, who knows what happens.  And great as Manning is, at least once a game, a puts one right in the mitts of a defender.  The Saints team is designed to create turnovers.  That’s not a good combination for the Colts.  If Manning throws a pick, or slippery fingered Joseph Addai puts one on the ground at the wrong time, the Saints will take advantage.

Here’s what I think happens in the Super Bowl.  The Saints come out a little jittery and the Colts take early control of the game outplaying the Saints a carving out a 10 to 14 point lead into the 3rd quarter before a big play by the Saints defense turns the momentum.  Once that happens, the Drew Brees show is on; the Saints rally and the Lombardi Trophy heads west to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  I see Marques Colston celebrating the winning score and Brees gutting his way to the game’s MVP.

Saints 31, Colts 27.

Who dat!


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  1. […] In mac on October 2, 2010 at 7:13 pm Eight months ago I sagely predicted not only that the Saints would defeat the Colts in the Super Bowl, but also that the Colts would build a big early lead and the Colts offense would make a big […]

  2. […] months ago I sagely predicted not only that the Saints would defeat the Colts in the Super Bowl, but also that the Colts would build a big early lead and the Colts offense would make a big […]

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