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Cowboy Down

This has been a bittersweet afternoon for us here in the Sportstapas offices as the Cowboys just tapped out against Brett Favre and the Vikings juggernaut.  On the one hand, as you know, I hate the Cowboys with a passion that rivals Flozell Adams’s passion for pie.  I’m thrilled that not only did they lose, but they got manhandled, embarrassed, destroyed, Romoed.  Moreover, they suffered karmic payback in the form of the Flozell Adams injury.  Adams, who has dished out more cheap shots than The Iron Sheik over the years, was responsible for Justin Tuck’s lost season, sticking his foot out like a petulant child during a play early this season and tripping Tuck, who was in the midst of using Adams like a turnstile.  Tuck injured his leg, shoulder and chest on the play and never did return to form this year.  So it was a just thing that Adams was knocked from this week’s game with an injury, relegating his QB to mouse in the snake pit status and making the final result today inevitable.

On the other hand, against whom am I now going to direct my vitriol?  I don’t hate any of the remaining teams in the Super Bowl hunt, and while I think Brett Favre often exhibits the maturity of a nine year old girl trying to negotiate terms of a punishment so that she can still go see Miley Cyrus, I find him too entertaining to truly dislike.  Jeremy Shockey kind of annoys me, but  — and to be clear, I’m not wishing this on him – would any of you be willing to wager that he gets through the NFC Championship Game healthy?  Deuce McAllister is more likely to have an impact on the Super Bowl than Shockey.  Heck, I’ll throw in Duce Staley and Deuce Bigalow as well.  After that, I’ve got nothing. 

It’s still worth it, though, to see Dallas fans suffer.  Commenter Crooklyn wrote this last week, “When Troy and Jerry are Hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, I’ll be sure to think of you.  Cowboy Nation Loves the HATE, at least you are thinking about us.”  Nice try, Crooklyn, but the only hoisting that we’ll be seeing by Jerry Jones in the near future will undoubtedly involve the words “Wade Phillips” and “petard.”

Now let’s go root for Rachel’s Jets!


One Response to “Cowboy Down”

  1. There can be only one. Every Dog has its Day. Even a Broken clock is right twice a day. You can throw any cliche’ you want out there. the Vikings used home field to their advantage and won. All Good, Maybe my boys can catch up to your Giants on the golf course. Although they have probably playe d20 rounds by now since they mailed in the season 6 weeks ago. (Right after they beat the Boys coincedentally)

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