A little dishing on sports


I had some gardening to catch up on so I didn’t get to catch the Jets-Chargers game live, but don’t worry, I DVR’ed it, so I’ll watch a little later.  The reason I am writing now is, well, and I apologize for deviating from my sports theme, but it felt really important to do that with this post, so please indulge me.

You see, my wife and I have taken in a man on the run.  He needs our help because there are people – fanatics, really – who are after him and my wife suggested that I give him this powerful forum in which to say his piece.  He wants, no, he needs to remain anonymous, so I’ll identify him simply as Nameless Kibosh (N.K.).  I had to really work to draw him out, so the transcript of our conversation is below.

Sportstapas: So, NK, what is it you want to share with our readers today?

NK: Life isn’t fair.  It’s just not fair.

ST: Could you be a little more specific?

NK: Look, I’m good at my job, really good.  In fact, my peers have acknowledged my prowess formally.  It’s just, well, sometimes you just have a bad day.

ST: Sure, I know that.  I’m sure the people who are after you understand that.

NK: Usually, but not this time.  I really come from a great community.  People are generally happy folks.  It’s just that in my particular field, certain people have a bit of a complex, you know?  My team, I mean, my company has never been the best and we were so close this year.

ST: So what happened?

NK:  I don’t know.  The fierce San Diego wind.  The hold was bad.

ST: The hold?

NK: Never mind.  It just, sometimes it’s not your day okay.

ST: NK, don’t you worry about it.  You’re welcome to stay as long as you want.  Just kick back…

NK:  So now you’re making fun of me?!

ST: No.  What do you mean?

NK: You know exactly what I mean.  You were rooting for them, weren’t you?  You’re all against me!  Forget it, I’m going home and I’m going to face the music.  You think I’m afraid of Tomlinson just because he wears that stupid visor thing?  All I have to do is paint a white line in front of him and he’ll fall down.  And that stupid color blind quarterback of ours.  Doesn’t he know the difference between the guys in blue and the guys in white?  And don’t get me started on our idiot wide receivers.  Who kicks the friggin challenge flag?!  I’m outta here.

So, um, it looks like our anonymous guest is gonna go home and face the music.  I think I’ll go watch the Jets-Chargers game.  No one tell me what happened.


One Response to “Boltin’”

  1. I think Mr. NK got a good beating in the locker room!

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