A little dishing on sports

7:21 a.m.

My friend Julian is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, as most guys from Bed-Stuy are.  The truth is he became a Cowboys fan back in the 70’s, which I totally…a-ah-ah-ah-frontrunner – achoo! understand.  He e-mailed me at 7:21 this morning to crow about the Cowboys’ win over the Eagles last night.  This is what it has come to for Cowboy fans.  Their team wins a home wildcard playoff game against a team they’ve already crushed twice this year; a team with a coach who probably has trouble finding his way out of the Paramus Mall parking lot and they’re so excited they can’t contain themselves.  I could practically see Julian in the same beer drenched Alvin Harper jersey he was wearing last night, gleefully tapping out his e-mail as he waited for traffic to clear so he could get to the Cowboys’ tickertape parade.  They say everything in Texas is bigger, so I guess that explains why the celebration for winning a playoff game for the first time in 14 years is bigger for Dallas than for other teams.  Save your energy, Jules, real football teams still await you.

A couple of quick notes from last night:

Did you see the look on Laura Bush’s face last night?  I can only imagine what was going through the poor woman’s mind: “Eight years, he told me.  Just hang in there for eight years and I won’t drag you to any more high profile, boring events with foreign dignitaries.  Who is this Emmitt Smith guy, anyway?  And what language is he speaking?”

Congratulations to the Jets on an impressive victory.  Rachel, let’s hold off on the outline for your blog post until you beat a team with an offense that doesn’t look like it’s being coached by Snoop Dogg.  How much do you think Jordan Palmer is paying Carson to wear his older brother’s jersey and start at QB?  That’s gotta be worth 50 grand, even with the family discount.  Carson’s suffering at least that much in damage to his reputation.


One Response to “7:21 a.m.”

  1. Just seeing this Blog Fred, What can I say, Minny got us. I was waiting for Old Farve to show up, and he does it a week too late.

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